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Mercy Guide to Knee Replacement Surgery

Great orthopedic care comes from expertise.

Knee problems are difficult to ignore, affecting every step you take. When knee pain and loss of function become severe and medicines and other treatments don’t work, it’s time to consider different treatment options. Total knee replacement (arthroplasty) is one knee arthritis treatment that helps many people move more freely with less pain.

With more than 150 orthopedic specialists, Mercy provides specialized, expert care to our patients.

In total knee replacement surgery, your orthopedic doctor removes the damaged ends of the thigh and lower leg (shin) bones and inserts new artificial joint surfaces.

Download our knee replacement surgery guide to learn about:

  • Knee surgery costs
  • Preparations for surgery
  • Surgery and the hospital stay
  • Knee replacement recovery

After knee replacement, you could enjoy the freedom to live a fuller life.