IMRT with Tomo Therapy

TomoTherapy combines Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) with the accuracy of 3-D CT scanning. The CT scan helps pinpoint the location of a tumor and verify its size, shape and position before each radiation treatment. By using TomoTherapy, it’s easier to direct radiation beams toward tumors that may be hard to reach.

What are the advantages of TomoTherapy?

  • TomoTherapy reduces radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs.
  • The intensity and direction of the radiation beams can be adjusted immediately.
  • Radiation targets the tumor from every angle, destroying cancer cells one layer at a time.
  • CT scans are painless and usually take only a few minutes.

Mercy cancer specialists are skilled in using TomoTherapy to treat many types of cancer, including brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and more.

But at Mercy, we offer more than advanced technology. We also focus on serving you. Our compassionate approach is aimed to support you in every way – body, mind and spirit – so you can stay strong, survive cancer and enjoy life to its fullest.

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