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Mother and Baby Care

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There are few events happier than welcoming a new child into the world. Our labor and delivery services and childbirth centers allow your family to take part in the experience in warm surroundings. We do it for nearly 20,000 babies each year, but our focus is also on creating a unique experience for every family. Mercy works closely with moms and families to make it happen.

And if you need the additional expertise of specialists during your pregnancy or after your baby is born, it is available for you. Every member of your Mercy care team uses your electronic health record to manage your health, so you'll receive better, more convenient care from people who already understand your needs.


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Whether you're expecting or just planning your family, we'll be there from the beginning, and say with you as your baby grows. We offer:

  • Infertility and genetic counseling
  • Birthing services
  • Perinatal care
  • Level III neonatal intensive care unit in Oklahoma City
  • Special technology in many locations to introduce your baby to family members who can't visit the hospital




Conveniently manage your health care -- anytime, anywhere! With MyMercy, you can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, pay medical bills, keep in touch with your care team and more. All you need is an internet connection to stay on top of your health at the time and place that are convenient for you. And setting up an account with MyMercy is easy!

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