Normally, our immune system keeps us healthy by defending us from the germs and viruses. However, sometimes the immune system gets its wires crossed and will – for some unexplained reason – attack the body's muscle tissue. Muscles in the legs, arms or sometimes fingers and wrist will become inflamed and get progressively weaker. This condition is known as myositis.

While there is no known cure for myositis, getting an early diagnoses along with proper medicines and therapies can help you live your life normally. If you feel like you might be suffering from myositis, please contact your Mercy doctor for an appointment.

Mercy doctors and specialist are here to help you tackle myositis head on.

In addition, physical therapy may help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Together, your primary care doctor, orthopedic specialist and physical therapist will develop the best possible myositis treatment plan to get and keep you strong and nimble.

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