Neurosciences and Stroke

Immediate treatment is key to limiting the extent of brain injury resulting from stroke. When it comes to stroke, minutes matter. Know the warning signs of stroke and THINK FASST. Mercy strives to exceed national benchmarks for getting stroke victims into treatment. Certified stroke care professionals – emergency department specialists, neurologists, hospitalists, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and technicians – work together to address every need the stroke patient may have.

Now Mercy is taking stroke care one step further with a new stroke prevention clinic, one of few in the nation.

  • Three certified stroke centers (earned the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers).
  • Interventional radiologists on-call 24/7 to treat stroke.
  • We use clot-dissolving emergency medication that restores blood flow faster. Not all hospitals use this dynamic treatment.

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