Pediatric Therapy & Development


For a variety of reasons, some kids need help developing skills for everyday living, such as moving, speaking and using their bodies. Whether your child has a developmental delay or is recovering from an illness or injury, Mercy Kids pediatric therapy and development specialists are here for you. Our expert staff, including physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, offers the professional expertise and encouraging support to help your child learn and thrive.

Developmental Therapy

Every child develops skills at their own pace. Some kids start talking early, while others find their words a little later. When a child is struggling, professional help can smooth their path.

Mercy ’s pediatric therapy and development specialists use evidence-based practices to guide kids through the development of cognitive, speech, movement, and sensory skills. Through engaging activities and thoughtful interaction, our experienced therapists promote development in a stimulating, rewarding outpatient environment.

We work with children of every age with a wide range of needs, from premature babies to kids with Down syndrome, autism, and other developmental disorders. Because no two children are alike, we create customized treatment plans tailored to each child’s unique needs and learning style.

Helping Your Child Be Their Best

Every parent wants their child to live life to the fullest. Mercy Kids therapists are committed to helping your child overcome physical and cognitive challenges and move forward with confidence and joy.

Therapy for Sports & Traumatic Injuries

We know kids can play rough, and injuries suffered in sports, accidents and other events can be serious – and frightening. If your child suffers a traumatic injury, Mercy professional rehabilitation therapists are ready to help them on the road to recovery. Our physical and occupational therapy experts develop personalized treatment plans, gently leading kids through the steps needed to regain mobility, strength and dexterity after a traumatic injury. We’ll show your whole family how to support your child during and after therapy, and get them back to their usual activities as soon as possible.

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