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Mercy's Countdown to Baby Guide

Did you know your due date could change based on your first ultrasound? Or that pregnancy hormones can make your joints more flexible? Whether it’s your first baby or you’re a parent of many, you’ll want to check out Mercy’s ultimate pregnancy guide.

Our free Countdown to Baby guide covers the first and second trimesters, including:

  • Stages of pregnancy by week (weeks 1-13 and 14-28)
  • The best nutrition for mom and baby
  • Do’s and don’ts during pregnancy
  • Organization tips & baby prep
  • Fun ways to get your partner and kids involved

At Mercy, we want you to stay healthy as your body nurtures a growing baby. Download our free Countdown to Baby guide, and relish the coming months confidently.

Mercy’s leading OB/GYNs provide personalized care, from pre-conception to early pregnancy, prenatal health, delivery and beyond. Trust Mercy with the care you need for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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