Work Life Balance Support and Education

Employees and their bosses share a common goal: striking a balance between work and home. Often, though, a problem at home can take time away from work or affect an employee’s performance on the job. Or, the demands of work can spill into family life, diminishing time spent with children, friends or on leisure activities. Either can lead to a vicious cycle of stress, frustration and exhaustion.

As part of the Employee Assistance Program, Mercy offers a wide range of online resources to help both Mercy employees and EAP members balance work and home life. Our online resources include information on the following:

  • Family planning
  • Elder care
  • Finance
  • Healthy living

Mercy's Employee Assistance Program also offers legal resources, financial planning, health care consultation and drug-free workplace assistance. The workplace can be demanding, but Mercy is here to support you and your employees to create a more stress-free work environment and a happier, more balanced lifestyle.

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