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Each birth is unique, and so is each pregnancy.

From now until the birth of your baby, you'll have lots to consider and do - choosing the perfect name (or names!), selecting the safest car seat and preparing for childbirth (should I use a birthing ball?). Mercy will help you make this experience everything you want it to be.

As St. Louis childbirth leader, Mercy will provide the expert care, support and comfort you'll need - before, during and after your baby's birth. We know it's the little things that count for you, such as taming your morning sickness with lemon drops or helping you with baby's first feeding. There will be many "firsts" for you, such as feeling a fluttery kick, that are as unique as you are. Without one-size-fits-all thinking, our focus is on you, your Mercy birth plan and bringing your baby safely into your waiting arms.

Here at Mercy, we are honored when expectant parents choose to bring their child into the world at our hospital. Here is some helpful information as you begin your journey to parenthood.

Personal Care Team


Choose from more than 125 on-staff obstetricians at Mercy. Check out the online Physician Directory at or call Physician Referral at 314-367-3627.

Mercy Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Our Maternal and Fetal Medicine physicians (specialists in high-risk pregnancy) are available 24/7, and we offer three Maternal and Fetal Health Centers - Creve Coeur, O'Fallon and Maryville, IL - to provide you with expertise, convenience and the latest diagnostic technology closer to home. If you are diagnosed with an anomaly or illness that requires additional care, you will receive guidance from our Fetal Care Team, who will help you through the process prior to birth and assist you with the coordination of pediatric specialty care if needed after your baby arrives. Addressing health issues earlier leads to healthier newborns.

More about Mercy Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Preparing for Baby To-Do List

  • Read My Birth Experience at Mercy.
  • Complete your birthing plan.
  • Preregister for your birth online or call 314-364-4646.
  • Set up a tour of the Childbirth Center and register for prenatal classes or call 314-961-2229.
  • Choose your Mercy Children’s Hospital–affiliated health care provider or call 314-364-4864.
  • Install your baby’s car safety seat and have it checked. State inspection locator:
  • Preregister with Obstetrical Anesthesia Associates, Inc.
  • Complete health history and insurance information forms at or call 314-469-6800.
  • Pack a bag: For you, for baby and for your labor partner. Don’t forget your camera, extra batteries and baby’s going-home outfit.

Where to Go Once You Arrive

We ask ALL labor patients and their family members to use the Main Entrance, open 24 hours a day and take the Blue Elevator to the second floor. Please check in at the nurses' station where you will be directed to either the WEU or Labor & Delivery.

Do not use the emergency entrance. It would be best for your partner to drive up in front of the Main Entrance and assist you inside prior to parking.

Pregnancy health concerns

Call your physician immediately if:

  • Vaginal bleeding occurs
  • Your water breaks
  • You have six or more contractions per hour before 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • There is a major change in the baby's movement
  • Any of your body signals are of concern to you

Important Phone Numbers

Labor and Delivery (L&D)

Women's Evaluation Unit (WEU)

Women's & Children's Education

Childbirth Services and Classes for Kids and Parents

Mercy Children's Hospital

Find a Pediatrician
314-364-4864 or

Find an Obstetrician
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