Mercy Implements Workforce Reduction

June 16, 2014

In response to economic and environmental changes in health care, Mercy has implemented a workforce reduction across its seven-state region.

The reduction is limited to non-patient care support areas. Throughout Mercy, a total of 220 positions – 192 within Missouri – have been eliminated, less than one percent of Mercy’s 40,000-member workforce.

Co-workers whose positions have been eliminated are being treated with compassion, justice and respect. Co-workers will receive outplacement services and a severance package including compensation and benefits based on their position and length of service.

Most co-workers whose positions have been eliminated will be given the opportunity to leave Mercy immediately so that they can begin to plan their transition. In certain situations, co-workers may be asked to remain with Mercy for a short period of time to complete or transition their current work to others.

“While not uncommon in today’s health care environment, these kinds of changes are nonetheless difficult,” said Lynn Britton, Mercy president and CEO. “As we realign to operate more efficiently, growth and expansion will continue across Mercy as community needs warrant.”