Mercy Gift Will Help Build Eminence’s Future

February 20, 2015

From left to right: Mayor Jim Anderson, Phyllis Guffey,

her husband Gordon Guffey, Judy Stewart, Robert Rogers,

Nancy Brewer, Dr. David Barbe, Mike Ennis, Cindy Tooley,

Patty Frazier, John Mark Brewer, Robert McQuerry.  

Mercy is making an investment in the future of Eminence, Missouri. This week, the health system presented a $25,000 gift to community leaders; the money comes from the sale of the building and land where Mercy’s clinic once stood along Highway 19 South.

“This commitment ensures Mercy remains an important partner with the community for many years to come,” said Dr. David Barbe, vice president of regional operations for Mercy. “We have many great relationships here, so it was important to work with a variety of organizations to reach this decision.”

Mercy collaborated with the City of Eminence, Building Eminence Schools of Tomorrow, the Shannon County Museum Association, the Eminence Area Chamber of Commerce and the Community Betterment Group. The Eminence Area Arts Council will receive the gift on behalf of the community and participate with the other organizations in administering the gift with guidance from Mercy. “The Arts Council’s previous philanthropic efforts made them an ideal partner on this project moving forward,” Dr. Barbe added.

“The Arts Council and committee in charge of the money have every intention to leave a lasting impression on the community for Mercy, as well as provide long-lasting benefits to the community,” said John Mark Brewer with the Community Betterment Group. “Whatever it ends up being, it will have Mercy’s name on it.”

“We just hope this initial gift will be a catalyst for continued projects in Eminence, with lasting benefit to the community – and we’ll make sure a broad cross-section of the community supports the project before the money is spent,” Dr. Barbe said.