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Before We Get Started

In order to schedule your appointment, we need you to answer a few questions.

  • Do you have a personal history of breast cancer?
  • Do you have any current breast symptoms? (drainage, lump, pain not currently addressed by your doctor)
  • After your last mammogram, did your doctor recommend an annual screening?
  • Do you have a primary care physician who you've seen in the past 3 years?

Based on your responses


Your mammogram may require specialized attention. Please call to schedule your appointment.

Select a Visit Type

If you don’t see your preferred visit type, please call our office.
Screening Mammogram
I am over 40, this is my first mammogram - ever or in a year - and I need to schedule my screening mammogram. I have had no previous complications.
Screening Mammogram with 3D images
I am over 40, this is my first mammogram - ever or in a year - and I need to schedule my screening mammogram. I have had no previous complications. I realize that insurance may not cover the full cost of this scan (applies to residents outside of Arkansas).

Better convenience. Latest technology.

Our new location brings you more convenience and the latest technology to help detect and prevent breast cancer. The Mercy Breast Center team is dedicated to keeping you healthy, and we always do it in a warm, personal setting.

  • Convenient hours and online scheduling
  • Clearer images - latest digital technology meansfewer retakes and the best images for diagnosis
  • Quicker delivery - Your physician sees your mammography images through your Mercy electronic health record

Mercy Breast Center - Joplin also offers advanced stereotactic biopsy, MRI and ultrasound.

Ensuring Access to Mammography

Mammogram screening is proven to reduce breast cancer-related deaths and Mercy Health Foundation Joplin helps ensure that every woman has access to this life-saving screening. Through the generosity of individual donors and groups such as Hope 4 You Breast Cancer Foundation, the Foundation’s Mammogram Fund provides funding for mammograms for women who are uninsured or under-insured.

3D Mammography

The Mercy Breast Center offers the region’s first 3D mammogram (tomosynthesis) technology, the latest in breast imaging technology. Advantages 3D mammography offers include:

  • Better screening and earlier detection through minimization of overlapping tissues in images
  • Enhanced image quality allowing better visualization for radiologists to help distinguish harmless abnormalities from real cancers
  • Reduced patient anxiety and fewer callbacks

What is 3D Mammography?

Beneficial for Dense Breast Tissue

See the difference that a 3D mammogram can have in the detection of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care
Mercy Sisters Health Boutique

Boutique located at Mercy Cancer Center in Joplin, provides specialty women’s health care products and services for breast cancer patients.

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