Cancer Support & Resources in St Louis

We recognize that handling all aspects of your cancer care can be a confusing and stressful process. The Sindelar Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital South has many support services available to patients and their families needing assistance including: 

Oncology Navigators

The Sindelar Cancer Center offers trained cancer care navigators to guide cancer patients all the way from diagnosis to final treatment. Our navigators help educate patients on the various treatment options discussed by their physician. They can also answer questions and help identify any additional resources that may be useful. Our navigators can also help coordinate various tests, consultations and treatment sessions for each of our patients. 

Cancer Support Groups

No one should have to fight a cancer diagnosis on their own. That’s why the Sindelar Cancer Center has several support groups for cancer patients and their families. Sessions are held in its spacious conference room. 

Mercy Adapts to Protect Patients

All in-person cancer support groups are now meeting online through the HIPAA-compliant TeleMentalhealth platform, Zoom. Learn More. 

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is an integral part of cancer treatment. Registered and licensed dietitians are available to meet with cancer patients and family members to discuss nutrition-related concerns. Keeping cancer patients well-nourished can allow for better tolerance of treatments and improved outcomes.

With the help of charitable organizations, our dietitians also have access to supplements for patients who need them but are unable to afford the cost. Those needing supplements to increase calorie and protein intake will receive samples of various products. 

Pastoral Care Services

In addition to our on-site chapel, we also have chaplains available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support the spiritual care needs of all patients and their families. 

Social Work Services

The Sindelar Cancer Center offers the services of a masters-level oncology social worker as a part of the treatment process. Our oncology social worker is trained in working with patients who experience any level of distress related to a cancer diagnosis. They then work with patients to alleviate any lasting emotional pain. 

Financial Counseling Services

Covering the cost of cancer treatment is a common concern for many patients. At Mercy Hospital South, we don’t want cost to prevent you from receiving treatment. Through our financial counseling services, patients are linked to numerous foundations and drug companies, as well as our Patient Accounts department to get the assistance they need. 

Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on the relief of physical, emotional and spiritual distress. Patients may experience pain, anxiety, depression, nausea or chronic fatigue while receiving cancer treatment. To help alleviate these conditions, our board-certified internal medicine specialists, who have advanced certification in palliative medicine, will apply appropriate techniques. 

Hospice Care

Mercy Hospital South has a long-standing reputation for offering premier medical care, as well as emotional and spiritual support for those nearing the end of life. We provide compassionate hospice services either in a patient’s own home or in “our home” at the Fern de Greeff Hospice House on our hospital campus.

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