Pricing for St. Louis Integrative Therapies

Integrative Therapy Pricing

The team of experts at Mercy Integrative Medicine - Clayton-Clarkson focuses on finding the root cause of medical issues. We use techniques that promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We'll help you identify simple lifestyle changes that can help you live a healthier life to assist with your own healing process. 

Massage Therapy:
                        Regular            Senior             Co-worker      
30 minutes       $48                  $42                  $42
60 minutes       $60                  $54                  $52
90 minutes       $78                  $72                  $70
Regular            $70
Co-worker       $52
Regular            $120 for three visits
Co-worker        $72 for three visits
Chiropractic (Without Insurance):
First visit    $80
Follow up    $40