Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center – West Bend FAQs

South County Outpatient Surgery Center FAQs

Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center – West Bend provides South County and the surrounding areas with high-quality surgical care close to home. Whether it’s your first time having surgery or one of many, it’s natural to have questions. Here are some helpful answers to questions we hear from people who are preparing for surgery.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that’s big enough to fit over surgical dressings. Button-down shirts or blouses and elastic-waist pants or sweatpants work best. Wear comfortable shoes with low heels, such as tennis shoes. Leave all jewelry at home, including piercings anywhere on your face or body. Wear glasses instead of contacts when possible. If you only wear contacts, bring your contact solution and a case. Remove all makeup and don’t use perfumes or lotions – they can hide clinical signs like skin color changes and may interfere with using surgical supplies or equipment.

Let your surgeon and the surgery center know right away if you think you could be pregnant. You may be asked to take a pregnancy test before surgery. Anesthesia and surgery can raise the risk of health complications for expectant mothers and babies.

Talk with your doctor about which medications are safe to take before surgery, which may depend on your current health and medical history. Your doctor may tell you to stop some medications a week or two before surgery, such as blood thinners or diabetes medications. If you use an inhaler to treat asthma or other lung conditions, bring it with you on the day of surgery.

To avoid financial penalties, notify the surgery center and your surgeon right away. Early notification helps us better work with you and accommodate other patients. When you schedule surgery, you’re reserving the time of your surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses and surgical team, as well as space in the operating room, preoperative and recovery rooms. Review all terms and policies carefully during your preregistration.

Not eating or drinking helps keep you safe during your procedure. Did you know that when you’re under anesthesia, your body’s protective reflexes aren’t working? This can cause food or fluids to accidentally enter your airway or lungs (aspiration), leading to serious or life-threatening health complications.

Remember to bring these items to the surgery center:


  • A case for your eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Your photo ID and insurance card
  • Completed billing forms and a method of payment (check, credit card, etc.)
  • A responsible adult driver who can care for you 24 hours after surgery
  •  For young children, a favorite sippy cup or bottle
Joint Commission-Accredited Center

Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center - West Bend is a Joint Commission-accredited center that’s recognized for achieving the highest national standards of surgical quality and safety. Learn more