Cardiac Rehabilitation


If you have a heart problem or had heart surgery, your doctors at Mercy might recommend cardiac rehabilitation (rehab). The goal of rehab is to get you back on your feet and living life to its fullest – and reduce your risk of future heart problems.

Mercy rehab specialists will teach you how to get and remain active, and make positive lifestyle changes. 

Your team – which will likely include a doctor, a nurse specialist, a dietitian, an exercise therapist and a physical therapist – will develop a plan just for you. Then they’ll give you all the support you’ll need to succeed.

Getting active and exercising is an essential part of any rehab program. At first, you may be hesitant to exercise, or you may not know how to get started. Your cardiac rehab team will start slowly and work up to a level that is good for your heart.

You may be part of a cardiac rehab group, but each person will follow his or her customized plan. Along the way, you’ll meet and have the support of other people who have had similar health issues and treatments.

So don’t hesitate. Starting cardiac rehab after a heart problem can help you stay healthy and out of the hospital. Plus, it may help you:

Changing life-long habits may not be easy, but we’ll be there to guide and cheer you on – at every turn on your path to recovery.

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