Children's Heart and Vascular


The good news is that, with advances in medicine and technology, many children with heart disease go on to enjoy full, active lives.

Two types of heart problems affect children. Congenital heart defects exist at birth. They’re abnormalities that result when the heart or blood vessels don't develop normally before birth.

Not all children with congenital heart defects require treatment. Some may only need to be observed regularly by a cardiologist. Others may need surgery or cardiac catheterization to reduce the effects of and/or repair the defect.

The second type of heart disease affecting children is called acquired, because it develops after birth or later in childhood due to illnesses or genetic syndromes. Rheumatic Fever is an example of an acquired childhood heart condition.

Mercy Makes a Difference

At Mercy, we provide safe, advanced care for our smallest heart patients. We offer the latest, leading-edge therapies, including new drugs, medical devices and surgical procedures.

Our board-certified pediatric specialists and surgeons will work with you to develop the right treatment plan for your child. 

With our family-centered approach, we work with you to understand your child’s needs and to make everyone in your family a positive part of the treatment.

Whether your child needs short-term treatment or a lifetime of support, Mercy will provide compassionate care that will adapt to the growing needs of your child. We believe your baby or child deserves the happiest, healthiest life possible, and we hope you’ll allow us to be a partner with you in their care.

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