Driving Rehabilitation


For most of us, driving a car is an everyday necessity we easily take for granted. So when your ability to drive is limited by an injury, illness or disability, the consequences can be devastating and overwhelming for you and your family.

Mercy driver rehabilitation specialists are trained and certified occupational therapists who have experience working with people of all ages, abilities and limitations. Driving rehabilitation can be appropriate for people who have or have had a:

Our driving rehabilitation program begins with a comprehensive assessment of the visual, cognitive and physical skills necessary for driving. This helps determine the appropriate training required and any special ways a vehicle may need to be modified.

We work closely our equipment dealers to identify the ways to modify a vehicle fit for your needs.

If you meet the criteria, you and your driving specialist will go on the road for additional assessment and training, using a vehicle that is modified, as needed.

Our goal is to give you back your independence. We want to get you safely on the road – doing all the things you need and love to do.

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