Foot and Ankle Reconstruction


Most of us take our feet and ankles for granted. We count on them to get us where we need to go, no matter how many stresses, strains or ill-fitting shoes we place on them.

But our feet and ankles can only endure so much. That's why many of us eventually develop problems that threaten our mobility. If you’re nursing a sprain or suffering from heel spurs, you know that pain and instability can make it hard to walk.

Foot and ankle disorders are often managed with rest, orthotics, braces or walking boots. But if your problem gets worse despite treatment, it may be time to talk to an orthopedic specialist.

For some people, reconstructive surgery is the best way to overcome chronic pain or correct a structural problem.

Understanding Foot and Ankle Reconstruction

Surgical treatments used to fix foot and ankle problems go by many names. These include foot surgery, ankle surgery, foot reconstruction or ankle reconstruction. No matter what you call it, the goal is the same – to help your foot or ankle function better and feel better.

Foot and ankle reconstructive surgery is used to treat many injuries and disorders, including:

Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy

If your doctor has recommended you have foot or ankle surgery, it’s natural to have questions or concerns. But you can also have some peace of mind. Our orthopedic specialists have helped thousands of people get back on their feet – and take back their quality of life – after reconstructive surgery.

If you decide to have surgery, we'll make sure you understand the benefits and risks. We’ll also make sure you know what to expect during and after the procedure, including rehabilitation and recovery.

If you’re tired of living with pain or disfigurement, talk to your Mercy physician about your treatment options. Together we’ll create a plan to reverse your symptoms, and make sure your foot or ankle works (and looks) the way it’s supposed to.

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