Heart Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery


If one of your heart valves is not working properly, a Mercy heart specialist will discuss your options. The first decision is whether you should have your valve repaired or replaced. Your doctor will consider your general health, the condition of the damaged valve, the presence of other health conditions and the expected benefits of surgery.

Heart valve problems that might need a valve replaced include:

If valve replacement is in order, you and your doctor will then discuss whether to use a mechanical or tissue replacement valve. Your doctor will consider:

  • If you are already taking or could safely take blood-thinning medication, since this medication will be needed with a mechanical valve
  • Your age, since mechanical valves last longer than tissue valves

Although replacing and repairing a heart valve is intricate surgery, it is a straightforward procedure with a high rate of success and a low risk of complications.

Your Mercy heart team will help you clearly understand the benefits and limitations of various options. Our goal is to get your heart working properly and get you back on your feet, so you can continue to live a full and active life.

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