Mercy offers Pharmacogenomic testing to help better understand your personalized  metabolism of over 120 different medications, including behavior health, antihypertensive and pain medications The test shows how your body may respond to different medications, based on your genes. This helps your doctor select medications or alter doses of medications so that they will work better for you and with fewer side effects. 

This test may be right for you if you:

  • Have ever been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD or another mental health condition
  • Are currently taking medication for any mental health condition or have had to change medications or the dose of a medication because of side effects or non-response
  • Have experienced side effects from a prescribed medication
  • Take five or more prescription medications of any kind (multiple medications significantly increase your risk of adverse effects)

Benefits of Testing

Medications are not one-size-fits-all. Your genes play an important role in how your body interacts with different medications. In fact, more than 97% of patients who participated in  this pharmacogenomics genetic test had results that influenced their treatment or suggested a need for non-standard medication dosing.

Research has shown that using a genetic test to inform depression treatment can be almost two times more effective than treatment without the test to achieve improvement in your symptoms.  In addition, the Information you obtain will be applicable to both prescribing decisions made now and In the future - because your genes don't change, you will not need to repeat this test to continue to benefit from the analysis.

Take the Next Step

  1. Talk to your provider about ordering a pharmacogenomics test.
  2. This test may be covered by insurance, but if it is not, the self-pay rate for this test is $295. This test is also HSA/FSA eligible.
  3. Collect your cheek swab sample. This can be done by your provider in-office, or a collection kit can be mailed to your home. Follow step-by-step instructions to collect and mail your sample.
  4. Your results will be sent to your provider, informing them of how your genes may impact your body’s response these 120+ medications. Your provider will work with you to implement any recommended changes to your treatment plan. 
Precision Medicine at Mercy

Precision medicine testing looks for genes, proteins, and other substances in the body and tailors treatments to those specific findings. 

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