Radiation Oncology


Through radiation therapy, targeted energy beams are used to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors, and provide relief for cancer-related symptoms. By focusing directly on the tumor, oncologists can minimize the dosage of radiation on normal, healthy tissues and reduce side effects.

Mercy’s radiation oncologists are highly trained and experienced in performing radiation treatment for people with cancer. To improve your chances for a successful recovery, they may also recommend other types of cancer treatment such as surgery or chemotherapy.

Your Radiation Oncology Team

At Mercy, your oncologist will plan, prescribe and supervise your care. But it’s our team approach that allows us to provide exceptional service and compassionate cancer care. Other team members may include physician assistants, registered radiation therapists, nurses, medical physicists, dosimetrists and other support staff.

Advantages of Mercy’s Oncology Care

  • Cutting-edge technology. Mercy uses the latest tools and techniques to ensure you get the best possible outcome.
  • Personal, customized approach. Our radiation oncologists take the time to get to know you and formulate a treatment plan that fits your situation.
  • Coordinated cancer care. Our radiation oncology team works closely with your medical oncologist and referring physician to bring you the most effective treatment for your condition.
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