Sexual Dysfunction


Healthy sexual relations can be vital to a strong, happy relationship. However, it’s not uncommon for problems to arise that prevent individuals or couples from enjoying sexual activity.

It’s a sensitive topic that can be difficult to talk about, but rest assured that Mercy doctors will provide you with compassionate, thoughtful and expert care.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

There are many sources of sexual dysfunction, and they can be physical, psychological or emotional. Among the most common are:

  • Lack of interest, also called low libido, which can be caused by stress, anxiety, hormone imbalances or physical illness
  • Inability to become aroused, which can be caused by diabeteshigh blood pressure, stress, anxiety or illness
  • Pain during or after intercourse due to numerous possible causes, including menopause and pelvic floor disorders
  • Difficulty experiencing orgasm

If a sex-related problem is making you or your partner unhappy, it’s time to speak up and seek help.

Mercy’s specialists in gynecology, urology and psychology/psychiatry regularly diagnose and treat sexual dysfunction caused by stress, medications, aging or other physical problems. Our complete, coordinated care can restore your passion and strengthen your connection with your partner.

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