Confessions of a Yo-Yo Dieter

With honesty and humor, Mercy co-worker Jennifer Harmon shares her struggle against obesity. You’ll laugh with Jennifer as she discusses life before stretch denim and her (sometimes irrational) fears of bariatric surgery. In an open and positive style, this blog shares useful information about preparing for bariatric surgery and life after surgery. Week by week, Jennifer describes challenges, fears and the joys of living a healthier lifestyle.

This blog is a helpful resource for people considering various surgical options and juggling life changes amidst a busy schedule and family life. Read on and share in Jennifer's journey.

Day One
The Great Hideout

The decision to pursue weight loss (bariatric) surgery wasn’t something I just blurted out one morning to my unsuspecting spouse. Instead, it was during a routine check-up with my primary care physician, even after I successfully managed to “not see” my actual weight the nurse recorded while I closed my eyes... Read more.

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