Mercy on Call

Mercy on Call

When you have an after-hours medical question or concern and aren’t sure where to seek treatment, ask the experts at Mercy on Call.

Mercy on Call is a free resource available to any patient with a Mercy primary care provider. One call connects you to a full physician-led care team who will help determine your best option for care. The Mercy on Call team can provide you with real-time guidance and support, so you’ll get the best medical advice for your condition right when you need it.

Once connected with the Mercy on Call team, a Mercy care team member will:

  • listen to your health concerns
  • assess the situation
  • provide guidance on treating the condition
  • help you determine the best option for care.

To connect with the Mercy on Call team, simply call your primary care office after hours.

Mercy on Call - Pediatrics

The Mercy on Call Pediatrics team is comprised of dedicated RNs and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners who possess a wide array of pediatric experience including Emergency Room (ER), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Transitional Care Unit (TCU), Primary Care, and Urgent Care.

We provide after hour call support for our pediatric primary care physician offices. Our goal is to help identify the safest level of care our pediatric patients require when experiencing after hour health concerns. We accomplish this with either a phone or video triage as appropriate to help understand and assess what symptoms your child is experiencing. We will then provide guidance on the most appropriate care for your child at that time. This could include being seen in an Emergency Room, Urgent Care, your pediatrician’s office and when appropriate to remain at home. If a follow up visit with your pediatrician is required, we will be able to arrange that during the call. We will also provide families with up-to-date care guidance and support.

How do I reach them?

Calls are automatically routed to our team when your primary care physician’s office is closed.  We are an extension of support for your primary care physician’s office. 


  • Mercy on Call- Pediatrics provides 24/7 support with pediatric RN’s and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.
  • Our providers can review your child’s health records to confirm the most up to date issues affecting your child are addressed. 
  • We communicate and inform your child’s pediatrician the services we provided to ensure continuity of care.
  • Up-to-date care advice and decision making ensure you can have the confidence that your child is receiving the appropriate level of care that they require.
  • Our team can schedule follow up appointments with your provider for your child's acute needs when warranted.

Programs our team supports

  • Asthma: Our text-based asthma program helps your child keep their asthma well controlled. Our team is available 24/7 for acute asthma needs.
  • Newborn:  Our team is available 24/7 for questions about those new bundles of joy. 
  • RSV / Bronchiolitis: Designed to support families after the diagnosis of a respiratory viral illnesses. Our pediatric team specializes in identifying when your child needs in person acute care.

More new and exciting programs are always in the works as we continuously look to improve access to healthcare for the pediatric patients who have trusted Mercy for their care.                 

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