Lucas Hargraves

Lucas Hargraves - Government Relations Contractor - Arkansas Lucas Hargraves - Government Relations Contractor - Arkansas

Government Relations Contractor - Arkansas

As founder of Hargraves Consulting, Lucas Hargraves has a strong track record on issues at the state and local levels. Hargraves has been lobbying for 20 years, and has earned a reputation as a go-to lobbyist when the stakes are highest, and business interests are on-the-line. In fact, Hargraves has been part of nearly every major legislative battle at the Capitol in recent years, and has delivered top results for his clients.

With his extensive experience navigating the legislative process and strong relationships throughout government, businesses from Fortune 100 companies, to family-owned operations, and some of the state’s most active organizations trust Hargraves to be their voice at the State Capitol.

Hargraves has led the charge on a number of impressive legislative victories on behalf of his clients through the years, on issues from tax reform to healthcare. He also helps clients address regulatory issues, working with the executive branch and state agencies. His broad experience, steady leadership, and thoughtful insights have made Hargraves one of the most effective lobbyists in Arkansas.

Hargraves graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2000 with a degree in Political Science. He spent the first few years of his lobbying career as vice president of public policy for the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife Megan, a partner at Mitchell Williams Law Firm, have one daughter, Caroline Snow, and a son, Henry. Outside of work, Lucas enjoys traveling, running and cycling, and outdoor activities, especially those in the mountains.