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A Letter from the Program Director

Our 2020 graduates are heading to very different places to practice, and their journeys will look very different. Their journey already has been different from any graduating class of residents in recent memory.

Mainstream and social media talk about what a year 2020 has been thus far. COVID19, the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and the subsequent protests against police brutality have focused the public’s eye on the health disparities, socioeconomic inequities and social injustice that family physicians have seen for a long time. It has been a hard year, one that has affected us all in both professional and deeply personal ways.

However, these are not the events of the year 2020. They are only the most recent culminations of years, decades and centuries of inequality; and they are the social justice issues for which family physicians train, advocate and work toward fair change.

If in the same sentence, you volunteer to redeploy to either a respiratory testing site OR Labor and Birth or to the ICU during a global pandemic, then you are a family physician.

If in the same hospital shift, you deliver a baby, kneel at a White Coats for Black Lives and then transition a patient to hospice care, then you are a family physician.

I hope you discern Mercy Family Medicine to be a good fit for your residency but, whether you do or do not, I welcome you to the specialty of Family Medicine and look forward to recognizing you as a future colleague.

Dr. Cole

Family Medicine Department Chairman

Program Director

Associate Program Director

Residency Coordinator

Family Medicine Coordinator Contact: FamilyMedResSTLO@Mercy.Net

Teaching Faculty

The faculty of the Family Medicine Residency Program includes 9 family physicians, three clinical pharmacists and one behavioral scientist. In addition, the size and scope of the Medical Center enable residents to learn from a variety of faculty from other outstanding departments.

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