Med Student Mentor Returns to Rolla to Practice Medicine

August 15, 2014

A chemist known for mentoring medical students in rural Missouri is returning to his roots. Mercy is proud to announce Mark Barnett, MD, PhD, has joined Mercy Clinic Family Medicine – Rolla.

“I’ve been interested in medicine for a very long time,” said the eastern Missouri native. He traveled to Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly UMR) to earn his undergraduate and graduate degrees, then taught as assistant professor of chemistry at Northern State University in South Dakota for three years. “After that, I went out to the Boston area where I worked as chief chemist for a company that was the first in the nation to make equipment and ink for printing on wire and cable, such as that found in the telecommunications and automotive industries.”

But Dr. Barnett’s interest in medicine only intensified during his time on the east coast. “I was able to take a few courses and catch up on my pre-requisites. I wanted to go back and contribute to the community where I felt most at home.” So Dr. Barnett received his medical education and completed his residency in the department of family and community medicine with the University of Missouri – Columbia. He’s now board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

During his time in the Show-Me State, Dr. Barnett has been especially proud of his involvement with the Mid-Missouri Area Health Education Center, an organization that recruits students who are interested in serving in primary care for underserved counties. “As a UMR graduate, I was invited to teach one of the academies for high school students looking to get into the field. At the same time, it actually helped me prepare for medical school myself.” And preparation was key. “As a med student, I worked closely with Dr. Huss and Dr. Felts at Mercy. I knew it’s where I wanted to be. It’s a model clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and a great layout. I’m looking forward to practicing here.”

In his free time, Dr. Barnett focuses on his fitness, whether it’s walking or weight lifting. “I’m an avid health nut,” he said. “I also love cooking, reading, and catching up on journals on the weekend. I’m also an aspiring novice at the cello; it’s a struggle to find time to practice, but I’m actively seeking a cello instructor.”

Dr. Barnett’s office is located at 1605 Martin Springs Drive, Suite 210. To schedule an appointment, call Mercy Clinic Family Medicine – Rolla at (573) 458-6326.