New Mercy Psychologist Returns to Lebanon Roots

January 8, 2016

Helping people heal is Dr. Morgan Hazell’s passion. Practicing psychology in a place she’s proud to call home makes her job even more of a blessing.

The Lebanon, Missouri, native rang in the New Year as the newest – and familiar – face at Mercy Clinic Behavioral Health – Lebanon. She recently wrapped up her residency at Clark Community Mental Health in Monett, Missouri, but never stopped thinking about the city she loved.

“It feels great to be practicing here. I was born and raised in Lebanon, I have family here and I love the people. I’d been commuting all this time, simply because I’m so connected to this community.”

Dr. Hazell received her bachelor’s in sociology and psychology from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. She then received both a master’s and a doctorate in psychology from the School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute, also in Springfield.

“I’ve always been interested in listening to others and helping them get better,” she said. “I fell in love with sociology at a young age, learning how to improve lives. Then I moved into psychology, and really enjoyed getting a more personal look at those around me.”

Surrounded by beautiful Ozark scenery, Dr. Hazell enjoys hiking, gardening and harvesting honey. “I’m a self-taught beekeeper,” she said. “I have my own hives and I love producing honey to share with family and friends. It’s a great pastime.”

Dr. Hazell has already hit the ground running at Mercy Behavioral Health – Lebanon, providing education, prevention and treatment services for patients of all ages – senior adults, adults, adolescents and children. Mercy offers outpatient and hospital care services, as well as group therapy.

“I can’t wait to spend one-on-time time with my new patients at Mercy,” Dr. Hazell added. “Being a psychologist, you have a much more unique experience as a doctor. Instead of quick check-ups, you spend a lot more time building a relationship with people, really seeing who they are as a person.”

To learn more about Mercy Clinic Behavioral Health – Lebanon, located at 120 Hospital Drive, Suite 100, at Mercy Hospital Lebanon, call 417-533-6751.

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