Dea Geujen, CNO is Honored With DAISY Leader Award

May 6, 2019

Nurses week kicked off with the presentation of the DAISY Leader Award to Dea Geujen, CNO. Her nominators for the award wrote: 

Even under tremendous pressure, Dea creates an environment of compassion and recognition among our leadership team. Dea is a true servant leader, who leads our team with a smile and a comforting hand. There are countless times that she has gone above her call to make sure she is there to support us. When she sees concern or hurt on your face, she grabs your arm to pull you aside to make sure you are okay. She will ask you how she can support you and it's not an option to not tell her. She hears our needs and brings in educational opportunities and support so we can grow. There is no fear in saying "no" because she values you as a person and the capacity you have. She cares about work-life balance, about your family and well-being. She runs around in huddle giving high fives, and always giving the team all of the credit.

Dea is very approachable and consistently has a warm smile and kind presence that puts you at ease. She is great at driving results, inspiring us and making sure we see the “great work” we do. Dea will never ask you to do something she is not willing to do. Her servant leadership shines during executive leader rounding when the nursing staff is sweating bullets because they see her cleaning up a patient, picking up trash, getting ice and the list goes on. This is not just an occasional occurrence it is a daily one.

Another example of her servant leadership is transporting patients from the ED during times of high volumes. Dea exemplifies team work by her willingness to step in and do the daily work but also challenge each of the leaders to grow and be independent. Dea values each co-worker at Mercy and she wants to know everyone from EVS to dietary to maintenance and on.

Thank you Dea, for changing our culture in a grand way. 

Dea G. 2