Clinical Trials Podcast Highlights Mercy Research

June 14, 2023

ST. LOUIS Clinical Trial Podcast, focusing on clinical trial management, recently interviewed JoAnne Levy, Mercy Research vice president. They discussed Mercy's community health system-based research organization as well as Levy's career journey and approach to learning and leadership.

Mercy doctor's coat JoAnne Levy, vice president of Mercy Research

During the interview, Levy shared how Mercy places a strong emphasis on establishing lifelong patient relationships and its significant investment in research. She highlighted the importance of having passionate providers who serve as principal investigators, along with dedicated clinical research staff. Levy also stressed the need to not lose sight of the “why” – the ultimate goals of improving medical knowledge and serving Mercy's patients.

The podcast page includes detailed show notes, allowing listeners to skip to specific sections of the interview if they prefer not to listen to the entire conversation. Listen to it here.