Mercy’s Dr. Jay Carlson Named Modern Healthcare Innovator

April 8, 2024

Mercy’s  Dr. Jay Carlson, an OB-GYN and clinical chair of Mercy Research, was recognized by Modern Healthcare as one the country’s top 2024 innovators.

Modern Healthcare’s Innovators Awards and recognition program recognizes leaders and organizations driving innovation that improves care, achieves measurable results and contributes to the clinical and financial goals of the organization.

Mercy doctor's coat Dr. Jay Carlson is named a 2024 Modern Healthcare Innovator. He is based in Springfield, Missouri, and serves as the director of cancer care performance acceleration and clinical chair for Mercy Research.

“The role of innovation has always been paramount in health care, and our 2024 honorees as top innovators are driving real change in the industry,” said Mary Ellen Podmolik, editor-in-chief of Modern Healthcare. “The wide variety of projects underway by these executives and organizations demonstrates a dedication to tackling the ‘what ifs’ that can improve the delivery of health care and improve communities and the patient experience.”

Being recognized with Modern Healthcare’s Innovators Awards highlights Dr. Carlson’s work as a leader who drives improvements in care and clinical results. As the clinical chair of Mercy Research and director of cancer care performance acceleration, Dr. Carlson has pioneered many initiatives in precision medicine, such as introducing multicancer early detection, germline and genomic testing programs across four states. He also led the development of the Mercy OP35 Chen Model, an AI algorithm that identifies chemotherapy patients at risk of admission.

Dr. Carlson's expertise and unwavering dedication have consistently driven progress in his field, and his visionary leadership has not only transformed health care delivery within Mercy but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for health care professionals worldwide.

This award solidifies Dr. Carlson's status as a trailblazer in health care innovation and highlights the transformative impact of his visionary approach to patient care.