One Record

Consolidation of Patient Records

Your patient information is being consolidated into one record to bring you more consistent, comprehensive care. You asked and we listened. No more need for multiple MyMercy accounts or searching different locations to access your data. All your health information will be in one convenient location and will be accessible by all Mercy providers across all Mercy locations.

To consolidate your records, we’ll require scheduled downtime. This will impact some features on mercy.net and MyMercy from June 25 – July 1. There will also be billing changes for patients with existing balances or payment plans before July 1. Downtime and billing changes will only impact Arkansas, Oklahoma, Springfield, Joplin and surrounding communities, but the consolidation to one record will benefit all Mercy communities.

How will this affect you?

The two main areas affected will be scheduling and billing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We look forward to improved continuity of care throughout every Mercy hospital, ER, urgent care, surgery center, clinic and provider’s office, giving you access to all your health information in one place, regardless of where you encounter Mercy.


  • Online/MyMercy App - if you use MyMercy or mercy.net to schedule appointments, you’ll simply need to call your provider’s office directly during this time period
  • Pre-visit or Fast Pass - you’ll be able to view your upcoming appointments online but will not be able to complete pre-visit or Fast Pass waitlist activities between June 25 and July 1
  • Appointment Reminders - please make note of your upcoming appointments during this time period, as MyMercy appointment reminders may be affected


Your billing will only be impacted if you have an existing balance or payment plan before July 1.

  • Two Billing Statements - you’ll begin to receive two billing statements: one for your previous balance and one for any services you receive after July 1. Once previous balances are paid, you’ll receive only one bill
  • Paper Bills - you’ll receive paper bills for previous balances, even if you were signed up for paperless billing. Balances after July 1 can be set up for paperless bills
  • Autopay and Payment Plans - if you’re using our autopay system or have a payment plan, old balances will still be payable through your established autopay account or payment plan. If you’d like to set up autopay or a payment plan for your old balance, please call 855-420-7900. To pay new balances, you’ll need to set up a new autopay account or payment plan, which can be done in MyMercy after July 1
  • MyMercy - to pay a previous balance on mymercy.net or within the MyMercy app, you’ll need to follow the billing link to your previous balances within MyMercy

To pay by phone, please call 855-420-7900. Press option 4 for 24/7 automated bill payment. Press option 0 to talk to an account specialist Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. CST.