Mercy Accepts UnitedHealthcare® - Frequently Asked Questions

When will Mercy be in network with UnitedHealthcare®?

Mercy will be in network effective January 1, 2017, with all UnitedHealthcare plans in southwest Missouri, including Medicare Advantage and commercial plans.

Can I use any Mercy service, physician and location a UnitedHealthcare® member?

Yes. To make sure a specific provider is part of the UnitedHealthcare network, please check United’s provider directory.

What does Mercy offer me that may be different?

Whether you’re a senior looking for a Medicare Advantage program or have access to a UnitedHealthcare plan through your employer, Mercy brings you all the benefits of our vast network of physicians, hospitals, urgent and convenient care, and other health services.

Can I keep my current primary care provider and see a Mercy specialist? (or keep a current specialist and find a Mercy primary care physician?)

If your provider is part of the UnitedHealthcare network, yes, you can keep your current provider and see a Mercy specialist, or keep a current specialist and find a Mercy primary care physician. However, you may find value in having Mercy providers for all of your services, linked by a common electronic health record system with the ability to better coordinate your care.

Will I have any additional/higher co-pays, out of pocket expense or premiums now that Mercy is included in the UnitedHealthcare® network?

There should be no differences based on Mercy’s participation in the UnitedHealthcare network. Those plan details are determined by Medicare or your employer, working with United.

How can I find a Mercy physician or other provider?

You have several options. You may call our find-a-doctor service at 1-844-672-9362 in Joplin, or use the find-a-doctor service on Make sure you look for or ask for a Mercy Clinic physician to ensure they are in-network for your UnitedHealthcare plan. You may also review United’s online provider directory.

How quickly can I schedule an appointment? How do I do that?

First, remember that Mercy is in-network for all UnitedHealthcare plans starting January 1, 2017. You may schedule an appointment with a Mercy physician right away for an appointment in January. As a first-time patient, the find-a-doctor phone service can help schedule an appointment for you, or you can call the physician’s office directly. Contact information for all providers is listed on as part of the find-a-doctor service. If you wish to see a specialist, in most cases a primary care provider will need to make that referral.

I have a medical condition that requires specialty care; how do I get an appointment with a specialist?

Should you need a referral to a Mercy specialist, your primary care provider will help you establish the appointment with the referred specialist. If you wish to find information on Mercy specialists, you may use the find-a-doctor service on or call the find-a-doctor phone service.

How will my medical records from my current provider be transferred?

The transfer of medical records from a non-Mercy provider is very simple. Your new Mercy provider will ask you to sign a patient record form allowing Mercy to collect your medical records from your current provider.

Will my prescription benefits change and require me to use a Mercy pharmacy?

The prescription benefits provided are determined by your specific plan.

Will I need to carry multiple cards if I use Mercy and other local medical providers?

No, all you need to carry is your UnitedHealthcare member card and it will be accepted by all providers in the United network.

What if I have additional questions about my UnitedHealthcare® plan?

For plan specifics, call United’s customer service number at 800-627-0687 (TTY 866-20607812).