About the Pratt Center

Our Approach to Cancer Care

Compassionate, expert cancer care is the standard for our physicians, nurses and support staff who are committed to supporting patients throughout their diagnosis, treatment and survivorship journey at the David C. Pratt Cancer Center in St. Louis.

Oncology Research in St. Louis

Clinical trials offer cancer patients new hope for successful treatment. Mercy is committed to offering a variety of opportunities for patients to participate in research studies. The oncology research department at the Pratt Cancer Center in St. Louis provides access to high-quality, leading-edge cancer clinical trials for Mercy physicians and their patients.

  • We participate in trials offered by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) through the National Community Oncology Research Program (N-CORP). This program provides more than 50 NCI Phase II, III and IV trials in cancer prevention, treatment and supportive care to our adult and pediatric patients.
  • We offer a selection of industry-sponsored trials to complement our N-CORP studies.
  • We support local studies initiated by our own investigators.

Advanced Treatments

With advances in technology, Mercy continues to stay at the forefront of innovation and now offers leading-edge MEVION proton beam therapy. Proton therapy is an option for adult and childhood cancers. It uses a powerful cyclotron to produce proton particles that precisely target cancer tumors. The charged particles damage the DNA of cancer cells, stopping the reproduction and ultimately destroying them. One of the primary benefits of proton therapy is the reduction or elimination of unwanted radiation exposure to surrounding, healthy tissue.
The CyberKnife robotic radiation treatment system provides state-of-the-art radiation therapy, with fewer treatments delivered in dynamic fashion with extreme accuracy. We have seen a remarkable increase in the field of targeted therapies as well. Multiple IV immunotherapy options, as well as oral targeted medications, have translated into not only improved patient response rates and survival but also less toxicity as well. We also have a robust research program that continues to offer access for our patients to the latest emerging treatment options in the context of many ongoing clinical trials.  
Nurse Navigator Program
We have implemented a comprehensive navigator program which provides a tremendous resource and an additional part of the foundation as patients start their treatment plan.
Seamless Patient Registration
We have also improved and eased the patient registration process with new kiosks. We continue to implement many multidisciplinary tumor boards, bringing together physicians from multiple specialties to optimize patient care with individual case discussions. 
In addition to the comprehensive surgical, medical, and radiation oncology physicians, we are thankful forthe diligent work of our nurses, medical assistants, and support staff who consistently provide a pleasant environment for our patients receiving cancer treatment at Mercy. We optimistically look at the coming year as we plan to maintain our prior tradition of patient-focused high-quality care.
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