Mercy Birthing Center Expanded Care Options

Patients interested in a home-like birth with a midwife at Mercy Birthing Center Midwifery Care now have more options available:

  • Midwives can now provide continuous care to both mom and baby on the Mother/Baby unit
  • If desired, the Birthing Center will help arrange for a private pediatrician to provide in-house care
  • Change allows patients with at least one vaginal birth and one cesarean section a midwifery birth

Mercy is constantly seeking ways to provide expanded options to best support each family and its preferences. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to broaden options for more women seeking midwifery care,” said Elizabeth Cook, DNP, certified nurse midwife and director of Mercy Birthing Center Midwifery Care.

To learn more or see if you qualify, please contact us at 314-251-7358.