Clayton & Clarkson Breast Surgery Clinic Patient Testimonials

“What I appreciated the most was that the doctor seemed to have plenty of time to talk to me. I didn’t feel like he was on a tight schedule and needed to rush out to the next patient. The nurses were also incredible, providing speedy check-ins and gentle blood tests.”

– Stephen C.

“The doctors carefully explained what I needed to know and made me aware of all my treatment choices. It was nice to know that I didn’t have to wait for answers. The Institute’s approach was to cure the person, not just the disease.”

– Randi K.

“The practice provides warmth, hugs and reassurance. It doesn’t feel like a medical environment, and I felt comfortable walking in, calling and voicing all my concerns when I had them. I started my cancer journey in a hospital setting, and I did not receive this same kind of quality attention.”

– Laurie L.

“The setting is more comfortable than other treatment centers. Other places where I received chemotherapy were scary, dark and medicinal. Mercy Clinic Oncology and Hematology provided the atmosphere that you would get at a local beauty salon. Over time, you begin to see the same women daily and you are able to form a support group.”

– Kelly M.

“The doctors and staff make a personal commitment to each patient and are determined to fight and cure cancer. In a frightening and difficult time, the Institute provides comfort, warmth and security for patients and their loved ones.”

– Shelley M.

“The key to getting through cancer was a good, solid relationship with my physician. At Mercy Clinic Oncology and Hematology, the bonus was that I got a team that was willing and available to help out with my needs and made me feel comfortable.”

– Daniel R.

“During a very emotional time following my diagnosis, this was a place I could find comfort. I felt most secure knowing that the whole team was collaborating in my care. . . . Several years later, my mother was diagnosed while I was out of the country. Although I couldn’t be with her for her early consultations, I felt at ease knowing that my mother would be in good hands at Mercy Clinic Oncology and Hematology”

– Ann S.

“The one thing that impressed me the most was that everyone keeps up with all the research being done and is willing to go the extra mile for a patient. The center is full of kind, loving people.”

– Margaret W.

“Obviously for a man to get diagnosed with breast cancer is a shock of a lifetime.” … “I have been in remission for two years and continue to have follow-up appointments where I am given the same great care I have had since day one.”

– Steve K.