Cardiac Rehab Programs

If you are hospitalized, cardiac rehab begins with Phase I. When you are discharged, rehab continues with Phase II, designed as a three-month outpatient program. Graduates of Phase II may continue in the Phase III maintenance program. Patients who have cardiac risk factors but no history of heart disease may be referred directly into Phase III. Spouses and significant others are encouraged to actively participate with the patient to promote lasting lifestyle changes for the family.

In cardiac rehabilitation, you’ll:

  • Establish a progressive exercise program to build fitness and functional capacity.
  • Have access to educational classes to help you adjust or change your 
  • lifestyle and habits. We’ll teach you things like how to quit smoking or eat better. 
  • Learn stress management techniques to help reduce your anxiety.
  • Learn about your specific heart condition/disease and the best way to manage it.
  • Prepare for your return to work, ready to meet the physical and psychological demands of the job.