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Breast Surgery Clinic Springfield

Mercy Breast Surgery Clinic in Springfield, MO serves those diagnosed with or at high risk for breast cancer. Our medical experts focus on your complete needs, throughout treatment and into survivorship, all in one dedicated clinic location.

Breast Surgery Services

Our breast surgery services include treatment for non-cancerous breast disease, surgical treatment for breast cancer for both men and women, high-risk breast cancer management, and ongoing survivorship and surveillance following breast cancer treatment. Women seeking second opinions for breast problems may also contact the medical experts at the clinic.

Evaluation & Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer

For women diagnosed with cancer undergoing surgical treatment, Mercy now offers SAVI SCOUT®. It’s a small reflector, the size of a grain of rice, that a radiologist implants in a woman’s breast to mark the exact spot of the tumor. Later, the surgeon uses the SCOUT guide, which emits infrared light and a radar signal, to detect the reflector and remove the lump.

Additional surgical services for breast cancer include: 

  • Lumpectomy with/without localization
  • Mastectomy with/without reconstruction
  • Port placement for chemotherapy

High-Risk Breast Cancer Evaluation & Management

  • High-risk surveillance
  • Risk-reducing prophylactic mastectomy
  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy when appropriate
  • Hereditary (familial) & genetic (gene mutation - BRCA1/2, etc.)
  • Genetic testing when appropriate

Evaluation & Treatment of Benign Breast Disease

  • Including benign masses/cysts, mastitis, fibrocystic disease, breast pain
  • Excisional biopsy with/without localization (wireless or wired)

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