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Most cancer is not hereditary, but about 5-10 percent of cases are related to genetic mutations that run-in families. A risk assessment  and genetic testing are available if you would like to discuss your family history of cancer or your own cancer diagnosis.

Proven interventions can alter outcomes when individuals know in advance, they are prone to develop certain types of cancer. At the same time, some family members will test negative for the mutation that is present in their relatives, freeing them from the burden of the family history.

Features in the family history which might suggest a hereditary cancer syndrome:

  • Several family members with the same or related forms of cancer, often in multiple generations.
  • Cancer occurring at a young age of onset.
  • Individuals with bilateral or multiple primary tumors.
  • Rare cancers or cancer in the less commonly affected sex (such as male breast cancer).
  • A lack of environmental risk factors.

Mercy’s nurse practitioner will walk patients through the entire process from start to finish, them through the initial family history evaluation, discussing testing options and, depending on the outcome, referring to genetic counseling.  The nurse practitioner collaborates with other Mercy specialists as needed throughout the process, if you with the right Mercy specialists for your needs along the way.

To learn more about cancer prevention, risk assessment and genetic testing offered, or to schedule an appointment call 405-486-8730

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