Mercy Clinic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - Smith Glynn Callaway

Behavioral Health
3231 S. National Avenue, Suite 100
Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: (417) 820-3128
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Mercy Clinic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Smith Glynn Callaway in Springfield, MO provides treatment to patients (ages 5 – 18) in the office setting. Our specialized psychiatrists offer medical management for a variety of childhood illnesses including depression, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, attachment disorders and anxiety, among others. Working closely with Mercy integrated psychologists and therapists, psychiatrists join with the family to create a team of professionals to provide the best outcome for each child.

Mercy Kids is a network of pediatric care dedicated to meeting the needs of every child, every day. It is powered by more than 700 pediatricians and family doctors in partnership with 125 pediatric specialists. Anchored by two acute care pediatric hospitals in St. Louis and Springfield, Mo., Mercy Kids offers a full range of services to support healthy childhoods, including pediatric, specialty and educational services.