Financing Your LASIK Procedure

We offer a 'Global Fee' for your laser vision correction surgery. At your appointment, we will discuss pricing and financing options. We also accept Care Credit. If you currently have an eye doctor and wish to have your post-op care at their office, please let us know. We will make arrangements for this care which is covered in your global fee.

We also accept FLEX (FSA) spending contribution payments. LASIK vision correction is an eligible healthcare expense for most employer-based FSA plans. Many patients who use Flex dollars to offset their eye care expenses experience significant savings. Contact your employer or FSA Plan administrator to learn more. But do not delay if you already have an FSA plan, use your benefits before they expire.

We look forward to being an integral part of your vision correction journey!

My LASIK Story

Watch the video to see Natalie Guerreiro's LASIK vision journey.

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