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You depend upon your eyes to care for your family, cheer your team, drive safely, and do your work. At Mercy Clinic Ophthalmology Surgery Center in Springfield, MO, we are determined to help you see your best, so you can be your best.

Whether it’s surgery to remove cataracts, treatment for chronic conditions like glaucoma or LASIK laser vision correction, Mercy Clinic-Eye Specialists has the specialized physicians and advanced technology to treat a variety of eye disorders across all age ranges, including pediatric ophthalmology for children and adolescents.

Springfield Ophthalmology Services

Need a routine eye exam, fitting for contacts, or eyeglasses? Our optometrists and opticians will be glad to assist you at any of our locations. With some of the area's only subspecialty-trained ophthalmologists, the physicians at Mercy Clinic-Eye Specialists use the latest technology to treat and correct vision problems.

Mercy Eye Specialists also offer optometry services in NixaOzark, and Lebanon.

We offer the area’s most advanced cataract care using precision laser systems that provide gentler, more accurate results and faster recovery. Our physicians have performed more than 10,000 laser cataract surgeries in the past three years. And we’re the only provider in the nation offering this option at the same cost as traditional cataract surgery.

Dry Eye Relief

Decreased production of tears from your tear glands or changes in the composition of the tear fluid can cause dry eye. Dry eye can be broken down into two categories: inflammatory or non-inflammatory. Recent advancements allow us to test for the presence of the absence of inflammation.

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