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Genetics is the study of how certain conditions and chromosome disorders may pass from parents to their kids. At Mercy Clinic Genetics - Whiteside, we provide a full range of evaluation, diagnosis, assessment, genetic testing and interpretation, counseling and management.

Should you have questions before or after a visit, please contact us: (417) 820-2229

Genetic Evaluations

A genetic evaluation typically includes:

  • a review of the patient’s personal medical;
  • a review of the patient’s family medical history;
  • a physical exam; education on relevant genetic disorder(s); and,
  • genetic testing, if recommended.

During the evaluation, we’ll request access to any genetic test results already available. We’ll ask about any pertinent medical conditions within the past three to four family generations. And we’ll encourage both parents to be present, since genetics of one family member may impact the health of other family members.

The physical exam during the evaluation may not be the same as you’ve experienced in the past.

We tend to take more measurements – of ears, of the distance between eyes, of fingers and toes, etc. We’ll perform special assessments to determine flexibility. And we may ask to take photographs of facial features or other findings, since genetics is a practice that uses visual cues to determine conditions and testing.

Genetic Testing

In many cases, we’ll recommend genetic testing to confirm a diagnosis, clarify genetic changes, manage a condition or screen for any additional issues. You’ll want to check with your insurance provider before each test to determine coverage. If a test isn’t covered, self-pay options are available.

Family members of the patient in some cases may be recommended to have genetic testing to clarify the implications of a genetic change in the patient or to rule out conditions also present in other family members.

Our Providers

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