Mercy Hospital Volunteer Services in Washington

Your service means everything to our patients

We appreciate your interest in volunteering at Mercy Hospital.

As a volunteer, you’ll be part of a group of compassionate individuals committed to carrying on the traditions of Mercy Hospital. Your support will help our health care professionals provide excellent service to our patients.

Volunteer opportunities include everything from greeting visitors, to working in the gift shop or sewing pain relief pillows for surgery patients. We also welcome your own ideas.

Want to join our team of volunteers? You can fill out the application below. Please give us a call at 636-239-8272 or email us for more information.

Thank you for your generous support, which helps us enhance the care for our community!

For additional information about Philanthropy, read the Donor Bill of Rights. Contributions to Mercy Health Foundations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.