Outpatient Ostomy Clinic

It’s a medical topic few want to discuss, but the United Ostomy Association of America estimates that more than 750,000 Americans are living with an ostomy, and more than 130,000 new life-saving ostomy surgeries occur in America each year. An ostomy is a surgical procedure used to create a stoma which is an opening in the abdominal wall that allows the passage of digested food or urine.

Ostomies may be permanent or temporary, depending on the section of organ removed and the patient’s medical status. People with ostomies can live full and active lives.

Ostomy Care Services

Mercy Outpatient Ostomy Clinic offers education and support services aimed at improving the quality of life for patients who have had or are going to have ostomy surgery. The goal is to help prepare patients to adapt to life with their ostomies and return to their normal
activities as soon as possible.

Mercy Outpatient Ostomy Clinic is staffed by certified ostomy care nurses and nurses specially trained in the care and management of an ostomy. We provide a full range of services for patients with an ostomy, as well as fistula wound management.

Types of Ostomies

  • Colostomy, which involves bringing a portion of the large colon to the surface of the skin usually on the left side of the abdomen
  • Ileostomy, which involves bringing a portion of the small intestine to the surface of the skin usually on the right side of the abdomen
  • Urostomy, (ileal or colonic conduit) involves the removal of the bladder and using a small piece of intestine to form a tube or tunnel in the abdomen. Ureters from the kidney are attached to one end of this tube and the other end is brought to the surface of the skin to form a stoma. Urine then drains through the tube of the intestine and out the stoma

Pre and Postoperative Services

Preoperative Services:

  • Preoperative education and counseling to provide answers to questions regarding surgical procedures, living life with a stoma, dietary concerns, returning to work and other activities, etc.
  • A preoperative assessment of the abdomen can be performed if your doctor requests to determine the best location for your surgeon to create the stoma according to your body and needs
  • Close coordination with the inpatient wound ostomy nurse and specialty surgeon to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Introduction to different types and styles of pouches and/or pouching systems

Postoperative Services:

  • Education on stoma management for the patient, families and/or caregivers
  • Care coordination and management for patients with a new or existing ostomy, with or without complications
  • Assistance in selecting a reliable pouching system/ appliance, keeping the needs and personal choices of the patient in mind
  • Serving as a resource for the patient, family and/or caregiver in procurement of ostomy supplies
  • Measuring for hernia belts
  • Determining if a patient’s current pouching system/appliance is adequate and reliable and assisting the patient with obtaining new appliances if an update is needed
  • Assist with management of skin conditions
  • Fitting of appliances to provide optimum comfort
  • Ongoing support and problem solving

Our Philosophy

The Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center’s philosophy is based upon our dedication to holistic caring for people requiring our services. We strive to meet not only the physical, but also the psychological, spiritual and social needs of both the patient and the family.
We offer reassurance to the patient and family to make the experience professional, easy and comprehensive.

We strongly believe in the concept of team care. Through the team approach, a high quality of care is consistently delivered to each of our patients. Through communication and collaboration with allied health professionals, community resources and other professionals involved in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound care, we can develop treatment plans appropriate for each individual receiving our services.
By constantly striving to improve our quality of care,we provide optimum care to the patients and families we serve, in a safe and effective manner.


To schedule an appointment at Mercy Outpatient Ostomy Clinic, call (314) 989-1181. The clinic is part of the Mercy Hyperbarics and Wound Care Center, which specializes in wound, ostomy and hyperbaric medicine. Our office is located at 11700 Studt Avenue in Creve Coeur (63141).  Studt Avenue is north of Mercy Hospital, off N. New Ballas Road.