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Women may be referred to Mercy Maternal and Fetal Medicine - S. Fremont when they are considered “at-risk” for complications during pregnancy. In our clinic, you’ll be cared for by maternal and fetal medicine specialists. You’ll also have access to sophisticated diagnostic testing, including ultrasound and biophysical assessments– noninvasive tests used to evaluate your baby’s health. Biophysical profiles can reveal the level of amniotic fluid around the baby, observe the baby’s moving and breathing, or check the baby’s muscle tone. Genetic counseling is also offered to support families and provide information about birth defects, genetic disorders and genetic testing.

Many OB/GYNs are qualified to manage complicated pregnancies. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists complement obstetricians by providing consultations, co-management, or direct care before (pre-conception counseling) and during pregnancy. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists also work in collaboration with family physicians. The relationship between your doctor and the maternal-fetal medicine specialist will depend upon the severity of the condition and other circumstances.

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