Therapeutic Technology

New technology continues to push the boundaries of what once was considered full recovery from certain injuries or conditions. Today, for instance, top inpatient rehabilitation facilities deploy robotic tools that give stroke patients the ability to again use their upper extremities or help spinal cord injury patients with early ambulation.

Our hospital provides such leading-edge technology – as well as therapists trained to best use it – to ensure our patients are positioned to recover as quickly as possible.

Here are some examples of some of the industry’s best technology deployed at our hospital:

Smart Car

Our Smart Car is fully integrated into our rehab gym, allowing our patients to learn and practice car transfer skills year-round at any time during a treatment session. Car transfer training activities are essential to prepare our patients for community reintegration and setting them up for success when getting back to their daily activities.


The EksoGTTM exoskeletal unit assists patients with early ambulation following a stroke or spinal cord injury. Ekso is a robotic exoskeleton that can be fitted to the majority of patients to allow them to stand and ambulate early in the rehab process, which is key to their long-term prognosis. Clinical evidence indicates that gait training in the Ekso improves patients’ balance, walking distance and gait speed outside of the device at discharge compared to admission.

REAL System

REAL y-Series is a virtual reality (VR) tool used to help you reach your physical rehabilitation goals. Through a VR headset, you'll view content that works together with evidence-based, effective therapies to guide and motivate you. The many virtual worlds are programmed with functional and engaging activities, which your Mercy therapist will also be viewing on a tablet, enabling us to guide you through each activity and interact with you in real time. We can then monitor your progress and adapt challenges to your specific needs, helping you to achieve the best possible results for your efforts. 


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