Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  1. Patients are expected to participate in 15 hours of therapy each week (usually three hours of therapy per day, five days a week).
  2. Tobacco use is prohibited.
  3. Patients are not permitted to leave the hospital with family or friends unless ordered by the physician in the medical record.
  4. Offensive or disruptive behavior not related to the patient's medical diagnosis is not permitted.

What to Expect

We’re here for you and our focus is to provide you with the appropriate level of care to help you reach your maximum potential. 

We offer three hours of therapy, five days a week, with additional therapy offered on weekends. Please keep in mind that our patients are periodically in and out of their rooms throughout the day. Here is what you can expect on a typical day at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital: 

  • In the morning, patients prepare for their first rehab session. During this time they receive scheduled medications, have vital signs recorded, get assistance with personal hygiene, dress and have breakfast.   
  • After the first rehab session is complete, it’s time for lunch.  We encourage our patients to come to our dining room to have lunch, but they are more than welcome to have lunch in their rooms and get some extra rest before going to their afternoon therapy session.
  • In the afternoon, patients participate in their second rehab session of the day. Once therapy has been completed for the day, patients are assisted back to their rooms for some additional rest prior to dinner.

Support Person

A support person is defined as a family member or loved one who is actively assisting in our patient’s care and well-being.  In some cases a support person may be necessary for our patients to return home.  At Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital we allow one support person to stay the night with their loved one. Support persons should not hinder the rehabilitation process, but rather assist in the care and have the capacity to be trained to support the patient they are staying with.

Leaving Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital

The plan of care that started the day you arrived at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital extends through your transition from acute inpatient rehabilitation to home. Your home medications and their potential side effects will be carefully explained. We will help you update or develop your personal medical profile. If after discharge you need assistive devices like a cane or wheelchair, we will help you identify providers and costs. If you need continuing therapies, we will provide you with choices that suit your preferences and match your insurance coverage.

Getting Your Feedback

We hope your stay at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital is a healing and supportive one. Let us know what we can do to make you comfortable. Our No. 1 priority is to offer you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care that will help you deal with the rehabilitative challenges that you face. You may receive by mail a survey asking you for feedback on your Mercy Rehab stay. We ask for your feedback so we can continue to strengthen and further refine our patient centered care.

If you have any further questions, please call our admissions department at 314-881-4004.