Managing Adult ADHD

6 Tips for Managing Adult ADHD

It’s possible to lead a productive and successful life with adult ADHD. In addition to treatment from a Mercy provider, here are a few tips to help you manage your condition.

1. Distraction-proof your space

Avoid noise and visual distractions from smartphones, televisions and other devices. Work in a space with lower levels of activity. Face away from windows, and close doors if you can.

2. Make prioritized lists

Create a task list, and rank the tasks in order of importance. Use the list as a guide for where to focus your time and for staying on track.

3. Break tasks into chunks

If you’re overwhelmed by complex tasks, break them into smaller “chunks” or steps. Completing each step can help make the larger task feel less daunting.

4. Set a timer 

Set goals for completing tasks within defined time periods. Time yourself at specific intervals (such as 15 minutes) as you work on tasks.

5. Try white noise

Background noise like running fans, air conditioners or anything that makes low, steady sounds is helpful to some people with ADHD.

6. Find your community

Connect with others who have ADHD by joining an online community. You might learn some new tips – and even share a few of your own.